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pgdiff compares the structures of two PostgreSQL databases and returns the differences as a sequence of SQL commands which can be fed to psql to transform the structure of the first to be identical to the second (analagous to diff and patch). There is an advanced web interface that makes testing and exploration easy. Database schemas can come from live databases, SQL files, or direct input.

Don't gamble on whether or not your databases have the same structure, including constraints, defaults and types. Make sure with pgdiff!

Don't waste your time figuring out what modifications your database requires. Let pgdiff do the work for you!

As an example, consider a project where you have a SQL schema in a source code repository, a test server and a production server. By using pgdiff, you can guarantee that your database changes are migrated properly from source to test, and from test to production. By solving this problem programmatically, the chance for human error is greatly reduced.

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